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Living in Canada, the great, white north, Grace has experienced some of the coldest winters on record. This gives her a unique expertise in how to stay warm. Living in the city, working downtown one want to dress for success and be noticed. This is how she chooses her style. All these pieces are perfect for the modern woman who wants to turn some heads on Yonge Street, St Catherine, Water street or waiting on transit at Portage and Main. There is enough fun to take them to the ski slope, market or dog park.

Grace comes from a long line of knitters, at least four generations. All the ladies in the family have spent countless hours in front of the fire or the loons creating magical pieces. Many of these pieces were for warmth and coziness, others were more practical items of clothing for all generations and there were many that were just for fun and comfort. Her Nanny even knit for Grace’s dolls.

It is her hope that the shop will help spread the joy she feels wearing these hand knit hats and be comforted by the cozy blankets for years to come.

Cozy, chunky hand knits which feel like home.